Today’s Successful

      I’m just going to skip all of the excuses…Yes, I haven’t blogged in forever. I need to do better. I think it would be better if I had the priviledge of sitting in front of a computer all day, but I dont. But, anyways, not important. My topic of discussion is…  The successful in today’s world.

      First I would like to start by saying, No, I do not think that a 6 figure income is “success.” Yes, it is security, but when we really narrow it down 6 figures does not equal success. What do I consider to be success? Well, I am not going to lie…money does play a part in being successful. If John Doe down the road made $150,000 a year, but had a broken home, I do not see him as being successful. Maybe in his job, but in the overall outlook of his life he is not successful. To me, success is reaching a place in your life where, yes, you will have problems, but you have a handle on things. You are happy, have a good job, a good family, a happy home, etc… Maybe you dont have a family, you can still be a success!

      Now, that being said, who are the successful in the society today? Well, you can take any profession that makes a good income (doctor, lawyer, actor..) and say, “Yeah, they are doing pretty good.” But those people are not who I have in mind. It is technology, people! You take the creater of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Blackberry, Youtube, THE INTERNET!  These people are geniuses! If you look where we were and where we are today, it is a complete turn around.

      TV and movies are no longer the only forms of entertainment. It is true that internet killed television. Youtube has exploded in the last 6 years. Now, kids dont have dreams to be in the big movies (though that would be awesome.) Now, they want to post videos on Youtube. They want to share their talent, share their thoughts, share their lives. Or they want to work for Google and work in a building where you can rock climb, and play golf, and swim, and have unlimited choices of food at your fingertips.

      Our technology has advanced so much. If there were any way I had the talent to be an entertainer on Youtube like Shaycarl, or the brains to be a CEO in the Google offices I would. This is where you want to be. This is where the world is today. In technology and internet. It has grown so fast. 4 or 5 years ago this was just nothing, but now people like iJustine, Mark Zucherburg, or Chad Hurley are major successes. They are celebrities. They are Today’s Successful.

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