Sick again?

Ugh! I ended the year 2010 sick and I am beginning the year 2011 sick. How did this happen?!

The week of Christmas I was so richly blessed with the gift of a high fever for about 2 and a half days and a mean sore throat. (Can’t you detect some sarcasm?) Then, the next week I was sure that I was getting all better. I didn’t feel sick anymore. The only thing was I still had a bit of a cough. Then, it was the first week of 2011. My sickness was gone and I was feeling great. No symptoms, no nothing. Infact, everyone else was sick now, not me. Everything was great. Then! Thursday night came….*sigh*….What a night.

My nose is currently out of business, I’ve had a headache all day, didn’t sleep all night, and I had a fever. I think I should definitely add ‘taking vitamins more regularly’ to my list of habits I need to create. 😦

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One Response to Sick again?

  1. ethanwebb says:

    Don’t forget exercise and eating healthy boo bear. Love you!

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