Late night thoughts

Maybe it’s because it is so late. Or maybe it’s because I’ve had so many words pent up in my mind that I just couldn’t keep them in there anymore. None-the-less my mind is on overload tonight. And maybe some night I will share it. But I am actually getting pretty tired right now. So, I thiank I’ll jusgt go too slzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

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I have had an epiphany, people! Today as I was thinking about my life I just thought hey if I am going to live my life and enjoy I need to buckle down and live it as well as I can. I know beyond a doubt that there is more to life than just this. But I am still here. I have been put here for a reason. I do not want to just sit around waiting for something more.

When I have lived my life I don’t want to look back thinking of all the things I wish I would have done differently. For example: I wish I would have been more fit. I wish I would have blogged more. I wish I would have been more outgoing. I know that you are who God has made you to be, but if you want something don’t get yourself down about it and say it is impossible to have. Go for it! Do not just sit around and watch your life roll by you. Because, believe me, it’s rolling fast.  

I do not regret things. I do not look back wishing I would have made this decision instead of that one. I believe things happened the way they were suppose to. But when I look back on my life I know I will be thinking I wish I wasn’t so lazy. I wish I traveled more. I wish I saved more money. I wish I saw the true beauty of the world. No! I do not want that for myself. That is why I am making myself see these things. Just little tiny things that I wish I would do differently. I am going to start now. I am going to start saving money. And make wise financial choices. I am going to be more active. Life isn’t meant to be washed down the drain sitting and doing nothing. And if I have the opportunity to travel then I will. But most of all I do not want to forget the place I am in.

How many times have you seen a gorgeous sunset, or live in the most beautiful place in the world and don’t appreciate it? How many of us have something bad to say about each of the four seasons? I guarantee you that if you just take a moment every single day to go outside and just find something you can find beauty in. Whether its the sun, rain, snow, warmth, grass, trees, air…anything! How many of us get so used to breathing that every second we dont realize what it does for us. Take a deep breathe..just inhale all of the oxygen you can get into your lungs..and think about how this makes you feel and what it does for you….You will feel so revitalized.

Start living your life like it is worth something..because it is. Why are you here?

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Today’s Successful

      I’m just going to skip all of the excuses…Yes, I haven’t blogged in forever. I need to do better. I think it would be better if I had the priviledge of sitting in front of a computer all day, but I dont. But, anyways, not important. My topic of discussion is…  The successful in today’s world.

      First I would like to start by saying, No, I do not think that a 6 figure income is “success.” Yes, it is security, but when we really narrow it down 6 figures does not equal success. What do I consider to be success? Well, I am not going to lie…money does play a part in being successful. If John Doe down the road made $150,000 a year, but had a broken home, I do not see him as being successful. Maybe in his job, but in the overall outlook of his life he is not successful. To me, success is reaching a place in your life where, yes, you will have problems, but you have a handle on things. You are happy, have a good job, a good family, a happy home, etc… Maybe you dont have a family, you can still be a success!

      Now, that being said, who are the successful in the society today? Well, you can take any profession that makes a good income (doctor, lawyer, actor..) and say, “Yeah, they are doing pretty good.” But those people are not who I have in mind. It is technology, people! You take the creater of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Blackberry, Youtube, THE INTERNET!  These people are geniuses! If you look where we were and where we are today, it is a complete turn around.

      TV and movies are no longer the only forms of entertainment. It is true that internet killed television. Youtube has exploded in the last 6 years. Now, kids dont have dreams to be in the big movies (though that would be awesome.) Now, they want to post videos on Youtube. They want to share their talent, share their thoughts, share their lives. Or they want to work for Google and work in a building where you can rock climb, and play golf, and swim, and have unlimited choices of food at your fingertips.

      Our technology has advanced so much. If there were any way I had the talent to be an entertainer on Youtube like Shaycarl, or the brains to be a CEO in the Google offices I would. This is where you want to be. This is where the world is today. In technology and internet. It has grown so fast. 4 or 5 years ago this was just nothing, but now people like iJustine, Mark Zucherburg, or Chad Hurley are major successes. They are celebrities. They are Today’s Successful.

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A Proverb For Everyday

There has been something on my mind for awhile. It has really been burdening me and eating me alive. And as I was talking to my boyfriend yesterday and today I have decided that I need to do more about this. I need to fix it. Not just continue to whine about it and let it affect me. If you have a problem be determined to fix it.

For awhile now I have felt like I have not been doing all that I have needed to. There is something missing in my life. Something I used to have, but now it is gone and I need to find it. It wasn’t long ago that I loved to pray and read my Bible and going to church was something I looked forward to every weekend. Now, I dread these things. Why is that? How did I get to this point? How can I fix it?

Well, to be honest, I do not know how I got here. One minute I am on the mountain and the next I am in the valley. Somehow I have let God slip from my life. It isn’t God who has walked away from me, but it was me who walked away from Him. And now I am having the hardest time trying to get back to where I was and to even move further along with Him. So, today I start. No, this will not be easy. It is almost like I have been exercising everyday. Then, something happens and I miss a couple of days. It is so hard to get back on that workout machine after getting off of it. I know this will not be an easy task, but with the help of my God and others I plan to get where I need to be with Him.

There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs. And so I will read 1 chapter a day every month from Proverbs. Thank the Lord for the wisdom that Solomon had and that we can now read this and learn how to be prudent, wise, and virtuous. Also, every morning and every night I will pray. Before I begin the day and before I end it I will spend special time with my Father. Of course there will be times within the day I will pray too.

I am determined to get back to where I need to be. Lets do this!

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From the Nook to the Strep

Aaah…what a day! I woke up this morning feeling a bit better. Still had some pretty bad congestion and sore throat. But I wasn’t doing all to bad. Went to church. Then, after church I stopped at Barnes & Noble to check out the new Nook Color. It isn’t bad. I like it. It is pretty similar to the iPad. Except a lot cheaper. I do not have an iPad and have not really had a chance to use it. So, I don’t know what features it comes with. I know that the Nook Color doesn’t do all the cool things an iPad can do, but you still get internet. And to me that is pretty good.

On another note. I woke up feeling better right? Well, not so much anymore. I have an insanely sore throat. And I am being led to believe that it is strep throat. Not sure that I will go to the doctor. But I hear it can be pretty painful if I don’t do anything about it. I am more of a “let the body run its course” type of a person. I have never had strep throat before. Or any sickness that has caused me to have to go to the doctor. The only time I have been to the doctor was to receive my mandatory shots before starting school when I was about 5 or 6 years old. Other than that I have been a healthy person. Yes, I have been pretty sick before, but like I said my mom always let the body do its thing and works its magic and within a couple of days I was fine. Now, it is different. My perfect record of never having to visit the doc’s office will now be shattered…ruined…destroyed. WHY?!! Hopfully, I will be better soon though


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Sick again?

Ugh! I ended the year 2010 sick and I am beginning the year 2011 sick. How did this happen?!

The week of Christmas I was so richly blessed with the gift of a high fever for about 2 and a half days and a mean sore throat. (Can’t you detect some sarcasm?) Then, the next week I was sure that I was getting all better. I didn’t feel sick anymore. The only thing was I still had a bit of a cough. Then, it was the first week of 2011. My sickness was gone and I was feeling great. No symptoms, no nothing. Infact, everyone else was sick now, not me. Everything was great. Then! Thursday night came….*sigh*….What a night.

My nose is currently out of business, I’ve had a headache all day, didn’t sleep all night, and I had a fever. I think I should definitely add ‘taking vitamins more regularly’ to my list of habits I need to create. 😦

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New Year-New Habits

As the new year has just begun many have made lists of what they hope to accomplish. From decorating their house and completing projects to becoming more confident and changing their outlook on life. Whatever it is, whatever thousands of people have put on their list, there is so much zeal and enthusiasm. The new year, for many people, represents starting fresh. And while I have never been one to do New Year’s Resolutions, there is definitely some things I would like to do more of. That is: Blog and read.

I really enjoy writing. I love the freedom you have in writing. You can create whatever you want. A world that is your own. But unfortunately I do not read as much as I should, and I haven’t been blogging a lot. Normally I am not a person to make promises I am not sure I can keep. But, I am not really promising anything am I? I do not like it though when people set out on their big adventure to accomplish everything on their New Year’s list and by the 3rd week of the year they have completely forgotten about it. So, I will make no promises, but I will try much harder to blog more and do more reading. Going to try and make it a habit. Notice I say “try.” That’s right, I am no yoda. But that’s all I can do for now…try.

Currently, I am reading The Time Traveler’s Wife. I highly recommend it to all! I will post more about it later.

Till next time!

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